Long Term Survival with Ark Survival

Survival Seed Varieties

  I haven’t shared any survival and preparedness posts for a while, and while I do plan on continuing my Survival Series I was recently given the opportunity to check out some Heirloom Survival Seeds from Ark Survival, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share them with you.   Some of you may […]

Take A Sip – Wine Pouches for Parents!

Enjoying My Nuvino Wine Pouch!

  Guess what I discovered? Big kid Capri Suns is my best comparison — yes friends, there is such thing as wine in a single serve pouch and Nuvino was nice enough to send me a sample so I could tell you guys all about it! I mean this is really what we’ve all been […]

So, Looks Like I’m Going to BlogHer 14’

Now what? I bought my conference pass, booked my flights, and have hotel reservations with an amazing roomie, friend, and blogger (if you’re not following Sunshine & Sippy Cups, you should be!), and now I have no idea what to expect. I know my mentor and conference buddy will be an awesome guide so I’m […]

How to Have a Successful Family Movie Night


Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions and my love for perfect popcorn are 100% my own!    Does your family enjoy family movie night as much as mine does? (We’re actually sitting here watching Days of Thunder as I write this.) Movies nights are special in our house because with busy […]

Christmas In July Giveaway Hop!

Christmas in July

  It’s the middle of summer, it’s hot, the kids are bored, and you nee something fun to break up the monotany. Well check out the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop! Here’s your chance to enter and win a ton of cool prized from some super awesome bloggers!   Check out this Mia Miaru Prize […]

Mia Mariu – Beauty and Health In Harmony

Create Your Canvas

  Let’s talk make-up for a minute. Specifically, foundation. A good one is hard to find right ladies? Well, I know it is for me. Now, I may be slightly picky, but I think I’m allowed to be considering that foundation is called that for a reason – its sets the stage for all of […]

Back To School Tech Style Giveaway!

BTS Giveaway

    Have you started your back to school shopping yet? I know, school just got out right? Well where I’m at, we only have a little over a month left before we go back and that time is flying by! Unfortunately for this mama, my kiddo is going into 7th grade and getting bigger […]

When My Kids Hurt

Esther (Black) & Princess (Yellow) Swimming in the Bathtub as ducklings.

As a parent, one of the hardest things in the world to handle, is seeing one of your kids in pain. Today started out pretty rough and my heart is hurting for my son. A little background here…my son, right now he’s 12, doesn’t get overly attached to people. He has friends, a couple very good […]

10 Ways To Entertain Your Kids For Free This Summer


  What do you do when the kids are home from school and the daily routine is less than exciting? The new has worn off of summer break and mom and dad are about to snap if they hear the phrase “I’m bored!!” just one more time. The good news is that there are some things […]

Keep Momming

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Shire. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.   Raising a child at any age is challenging, and when it come to mothers and daughters, the dynamic can be even more complex. What some may dismiss as “typical […]